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Is being busy rewarding you or holding you back?


Typically when I come home to London my friends and clients seem generally happy, well rewarded and physically fit.  But almost all of them say that they are incredibly busy with not a moment to spare.  It’s one of the great things about living in London.  We meet fun, energising and exciting people who demand great things from themselves and great things from us.  London is for strivers. It’s an intoxicating energy.

There is a danger for us when we play with this fiery big city energy.  I’ll explain through the prism of yoga.  In yoga there is an idea that everything is made of three fundamental energies :

1) Sattva – intelligence, imparts balance, light

2) Rajas – energy, causes imbalance, fire

3) Tamas – substance, creates inertia, heavy

The fiery energy of London is Rajas.  It burns through old ways of seeing the world to help us create exciting new futures.  But too much rajas burns us.  Rather than being an enabler of change it can rob us of our energy.  Too much training or goal setting or running or mountain climbing or competing or striving can lead us to burnout.  Trying to fill every moment with a peak experience is rewarding but tiring.

Too much striving and the pendulum can swing  to tamas.  Our energy is used too quickly.  We burn up and burn out

Living in a busy city like London requires that we understand how to balance our energies.  We need to spend time in recovery and relaxation.  When we allow this to happen we may realise that our desire to be busy masks an underlying loneliness and dissatisfaction.  By gently observing our loneliness and occasional dissatisfaction we can start to develop a deeper understanding of our deeper drives and fears.  By slowing down we may realise that the things that once excited or satisfied us or made us scared no longer apply. And yet our state of being busy can mask an understanding of our deeper self.

In order to know ourselves we need to slow occasionally.  Carlos Castaneda’s wrote that in order to truly see the world we must first slow or stop the world.  And we can only do this when we take the time to relax and be in a gentle and calm environment and ideally being in the presence of people who are kind and gentle.

Developing sattva is not wasted time.

To live a long and happy life we need to understand how to balance our energies and bring some gentleness into our routines.  Earthy tamas and fiery rajas make us human.  But to be grounded whilst striving for the stars we need the third element of space, love and warmth.

This is self-love.  It’s giving yourself that moment to observe yourself and be gentle.   Yoga Asana, the physical practice of yoga, means to create a seat to observe your soul.  We create a perfect seat to observe our soul when we give back to ourselves.  When we give back to ourselves and observe our experience we realise that our wellbeing is optimized by the wellbeing of others, the environment and all sentient beings.

Whether you live in London, Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville or a tiny quiet little place we can all benefit from sattva and restoration

Find out more about our holistic therapies at Breathe London in Waterloo

That’s why at our therapy center in London we emphasise the importance of restorative therapies.  Holistic therapies include therapies that treat the whole person - mind, body and soul. We work as complimentary therapists ie we compliment Western and Chinese medicine by encouraging the body and mind to relax.  In states of relaxation the body is allowed to repair at the cellular level.

Our treatments aim to relax, restore and re energise.  We offer a range of Holistic treatments including Cranio Sacral Therapy, Stretch Therapy,  Reiki, Angelic Healing, Abdominal Massage and the Grinberg method.

Each of these treatments relaxes body and mind and creates conditions for a reduction in fight/flight chemicals such as cortisol.  Gentle treatments also encourage increases in oxytocin, a key chemical for mental and physical wellbeing

Lorna, Pawel, Ivan and Angie all have many years of experience and operate from the beautiful treatments rooms at Breathe in Waterloo. You can read more about their qualifications and background below.  If you are already a Breathe client but have not had a holistic treatment we are happy to offer 20% off your next treatment

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