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Positive Psychology

Two maps
In 1999 I came to live in the beautiful country of Australia. I was fascinated with the red heart of this country, its unique light and its aboriginal heritage.

End of the road for Positive Psychology at work?
About nine years ago I started to get really interested in the emerging field of Positive Psychology. I’d come from a corporate finance background and I was particularly interested in how the work place could become a more satisfying place for all concerned.

The Old Lady on The Train
I wrote this article last year. Its words mean so much more to me now. Its about growth through loss. Its about love and letting go

New Positive Psychology Course
We are about to run a course of five Positive Psychology workshops. These weekly sessions will be one hour long and will focus on the techniques that have been demonstrated by research to have a positive impact on our wellbeing levels.

May 6th