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About Us

Breathe was set up by Andy Roberts in 2003.  After 12 years working in corporate finance he embarked on a new career in yoga, bodywork and psychology.  There are two simple ideas at the heart of Breathe.

The first is to provide people with resources to explore the mind and body connection. As we train our body we train our mind. As we develop love for others, ourselves and learn to focus effectively we also promote optimum physical wellbeing.  

The second is to promote the idea that individual, community, organisational and global wellbeing are intimately and intricately linked.  As we care for others and care for the precious ecology of this beautiful world, we care for ourselves.

We now have two Breathe centres, one in London and one in North Queensland.  If you like our articles please share them with your friends

What is emotional intelligence and can you develop it?

What is emotional intelligence and can we get better at it?

We all have a different interpretation of what emotional intelligence (EI) means and why it’s so important.  This article takes 2 mins to read and by the end of it you should have a better idea of what EI means and the steps you can take to develop it .

Peter Salovey and John Mayer were the first major researchers in this area and they defined EI as:


Positive psychology and mid life "crisis"

Mine hit when I was about 30.  Hopefully that’s not midlife. 

It was a glorious warm autumn evening.  I was walking back to my beautiful apartment in the W Hotel in Woolloomooloo, Sydney.  I’d just had an exhilarating swim in the Boy Charlton Pool.  The USS Nimitz , docked next to our wharf , dominated the harbour


Using mindfulness to unpick old habits

How mindfulness helps us overcome self-defeating thoughts

In our mindfulness courses we talk about how we often misperceive things (partly because of the biases that we develop over a lifetime and partly because of our emotional state). 

Rather than viewing what is actually in front of us we often see the world through a prism of past experiences.  We replay events again and again and react in habitual ways. It’s as though we are actors playing a part and we are not allowed to deviate from the script. 


The benefits of mindfulness

Lots of my clients say that they don’t have time for even a minute to spend meditating and yet the average person  in the UK  spends (during 2014) 3 hours, 44 minutes, 30 seconds a day watching TV……………..3 hours, 44 minutes and 30 seconds a day !!!!  And in Australia the average person spends one entire month in a year watching TV or about 3 hours per day.  The average global Facebook user spends about 20 minutes a day, but in the US its more like 40 minutes and overall back in 2014 the average person spent 1.72 hours per day on social networks.