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About Us

Breathe was set up by Andy Roberts in 2003.  After 12 years working in corporate finance he embarked on a new career in yoga, bodywork and psychology.  There are two simple ideas at the heart of Breathe.

The first is to provide people with resources to explore the mind and body connection. As we train our body we train our mind. As we develop love for others, ourselves and learn to focus effectively we also promote optimum physical wellbeing.  

The second is to promote the idea that individual, community, organisational and global wellbeing are intimately and intricately linked.  As we care for others and care for the precious ecology of this beautiful world, we care for ourselves.

We now have two Breathe centres, one in London and one in North Queensland.  If you like our articles please share them with your friends

What is mindfulness

Written in our stars?

At the start of our 8-week mindfulness course we explore how we are born with certain tendencies and predispositions to behave and act in certain ways.  For example we inherit paternal and maternal stress  and  we are born with personality types.  These tendencies and personality types can harden over time.  The brain wants to fall into patterns of thinking, feeling, expressing and acting or autopilot thinking.


Clouds and clocks

Imagine a world of things that can be sub divided into two separate worlds; the world of clocks and the world of clouds. Within the world of clocks are neat orderly systems that can be defined and evaluated. We can take these things apart and see how they fit together. In the world of clouds are things, which are irregular and dynamic. They are hard to study and change from second to second.