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How to build resilience


How to build mental resilience

  • How can we stay engaged and busy at work but not overly stressed?
  • When is the right time to push ourselves and when is the right time to sit back?
  • How much pressure is good for us?

These are tricky questions and there is no definitive right and wrong answer.  That’s because people are complex.  If you run or manage a team the relationships you have to each team member and to the group will be rich and varied.  As managers we need to change the way we think of  “staff “ and  think of them more as our internal customers.  Like external customers they need to be listened to and deserve to have high expectations from the organisation.   Like our customers the relationship we have with each team member will be nuanced, rich and varied.

We need to remember that people come to a place of work for financial reasons but also because it provides (or should provide) meaning, fun, positive relationships, a degree of autonomy and a sense of shared purpose and structure. The Gallup organisation, through their Q12 survey, have found the most financially successful organisations have employees who tend to tick those employee engagement boxes.

When we work in a culture like that a heavy workload and tight timetables feel more like a fun challenge than an onerous one.  Creating an engaged workplace enables a more resilient culture to flourish and the benefits will flow throughout the team and outwards to your customers and your suppliers.

In such an engaged place of work people develop trust and warm friendships.  They feel able to communicate ideas.  They are also more likely to put their hands in the air when they feel under prepared or over worked.  Stress builds when we are unable or feel unable to express our feelings and motivations.  This happens in a culture of distrust when the development of positive relationships are not prioritised.

The starting point for building an engaged, resilient organisation  is to build a culture of positive regard for colleagues.  It also means changing the idea that people are overheads to one where people are our greatest assets and a source of learning, fun and meaning.

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How can we build better mental resilience?  How can we feel stretched at work whilst remaining calm, balanced and physically healthy?

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