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Love and compassion in response to terror and fear


I woke up this morning and did something different.  For the last few years I’ve got up early and spent twenty minutes meditating.

Today I got up to hear the news.  Florida sends waves around the world.  I felt such sadness then anger about the senseless killings of the innocent. I thought how can we live in a world where being gay makes us such a target. 

My anger turned to hatred of the politicians and religious leaders who entrench and foster hatred against the gay and lesbian community.  I was angry and perplexed at the way a man can purchase an automatic weapon.  I was angry at the media as they instantly focused upon the ISIS link rather than the hate crime link.  I was angry at my local MP who believes that my human rights are worth less than other people.  I was angry at the Jehovah witness people that I see every day in Townsville on the Strand beach front. 

My anger swelled and it made me feel miserable.  As I biked back from the gym I reflected on a book I am reading about Altruism.  I realised that my anger was making me an angry person.  I was loosing sight that the vast majority of people in Australia, The UK and the US are people of light.  Overwhelmingly in these countries people support gay and lesbian rights and believe in gun control restrictions.  Most people on the left and right of politics are kind and compassionate people.  The haters of the world wish to spread their hatred and make us reactionary, volatile and scared.  There are more of us than them.  As fascism is on the rise around the world its good to remember that point.  There is more that connects us than divides us.  People are inherently good.

I sat for 20 minutes and meditated on my little baby nephews and nieces, Sebastian, Penelope, Andre and Poppy (plus my big ones Kira and Phoenix).  I saw their happy radiating faces and it filled me with love.  It replaced the anger and changed it to quiet determination.

I can speak confidently and coherently from a place of love.  Lets stand up to bigotry and let the people of love dominate this world and not be taken in and taken over by the haters.