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Two maps

In 1999 I came to live in the beautiful country of  Australia. I was fascinated with the red heart of this country, its unique light and its aboriginal heritage.

Love and compassion in response to terror and fear

I woke up this morning and did something different.  For the last few years I’ve got up early and spent twenty minutes meditating.

Today I got up to hear the news.  Florida sends waves around the world.  I felt such sadness then anger about the senseless killings of the innocent. I thought how can we live in a world where being gay makes us such a target. 


Building creativity at work

Before thinking about adding value at work its worth considering some of the barriers  which can stifle creativity.  To my mind there are two major ones:

  • we think what we are observing is completely accurate; and
  • secondly that our world view and decision making is somehow better than others.

It turns out that neither of those things is true and these beliefs impede the creative process.


Positive psychology and mid life "crisis"

Mine hit when I was about 30.  Hopefully that’s not midlife. 

It was a glorious warm autumn evening.  I was walking back to my beautiful apartment in the W Hotel in Woolloomooloo, Sydney.  I’d just had an exhilarating swim in the Boy Charlton Pool.  The USS Nimitz , docked next to our wharf , dominated the harbour


Using mindfulness to unpick old habits

How mindfulness helps us overcome self-defeating thoughts

In our mindfulness courses we talk about how we often misperceive things (partly because of the biases that we develop over a lifetime and partly because of our emotional state). 

Rather than viewing what is actually in front of us we often see the world through a prism of past experiences.  We replay events again and again and react in habitual ways. It’s as though we are actors playing a part and we are not allowed to deviate from the script. 



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